Sunday, June 3, 2007


Stock RHBT

We have the internet, magazines and whatever else you can think of to look at graffiti. This is the present. But what was graffiti like in Delaware with no old heads, no magazines and no internet? I'm talking real destruction. What was going on in Wilmington, mainly Eastside, Southbridge and Riverside? RHBT was. That side of Wilmington was killed back in the day much like the suburbs are starting to get bombed today. Noticable names such as Burst, Wize aka Raph. Let me introduce you to a world, long buffed and hidden from the prying eyes of cops, haters, online graff-vigilantes and toys. They invented their own toss styles and piece styles far more than what some kids do today. Peace.

Old Piecing Spot, Southbridge

From Left: Rukus, Burst Toss, Burst, Southbridge

Burst "On this wall I will live forever"

Style should progress not digress. Look at the way the letters connect and the color blends. Also take a look at the crisp outlines. One thing you should know is that Burst never did his actual pieces with anything but stock caps. The above outline is obviously a fat, but that is for the most part an exception. These done by guys in the hood with no magazines, no internet just an eye for what was going on on the walls around Wilmington, New Castle, Chester and Philadelphia. One last reminder to tell you to step your styles up and I am out of here. RHBT, Wize..King Burst. Whats good!

Above: Burst keeps it electronic , Below: Raph rocks the Rican Flag