Monday, October 31, 2011

LowBred - The Basics

I got this project a little early from this local group called the LowBred Crew. This project is being released by ALLWEGOTIS.US is the same label that released the Bunk - We All We Got project earlier this year. So I had the opportunity to listen to this project all the way through like twice already and I can say wholeheartedly this is the hip hop sound that I love. Enough with the gimmicky bullshit just gimme the meat *pause*. But seriously download this joint if you crave hard hitting beats accompanied by smooth raps. It definitely hits in the same vein as a lot of true 90s rap. Aight I've rambled long enough but thats why you read me. Put this shit in your iTunes now.

Download the project by clicking the image above.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fred Shuttlesworth - The Last of the Big Three

I almost messed up yesterday with all the other things I had going on and almost forgot to mention the passing of an iconic civil rights leader. His name is Fred Shuttlesworth. He fought for civil rights in Alabama and nationwide along side of Martin Luther King. His approach was slightly more confrontational and he earned the name "Bomb-Proof" after surviving multiple attempts on his life. Rest In Peace Fred Shuttlesworth thank you for your contributions to American society.