Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Hilltop House - Washington D.C. (Apartment Review)

When I lived in Washington DC I searched for an apartment in the Columbia Heights area that was moderately priced and close to where I needed to be. With little time left in my search I came across the Hilltop House caddy corner from Meridian Park. When I met the building manager everything seemed great, she assured me there was no noise in the building, the pest problem was treated and manageable and she would be available whenever we needed her. Well...okay. And those of you that know me or just read this blog probably know I don't come from a pristine environment, but when I'm paying four times what my current car payment is, I'd like to live in peace. Where do I start?

#1 - The Window. We used to have a few guys that would come hang outside directly next to our window, smoking weed and drinking, pissing outside our window, yelling about how they keep it real..etc. Which is semi-fine other than I had a girlfriend that while I was out I did not feel safe having there by herself. So I told the building manager she needed to take care of it. Did she ever say anything? Does it matter because they came right back. Solution: lock the fucking gate so they can't walk back in the cut. Problem solved.

#2 - The doors. When we moved in I tested the doors outside the apartment because we were in a special hallway where no other apartments were located. Before we moved in I told her if the doors were loud that we were not interested in the apartment. She assured me they were not. Well when a door shut the reverberation was so loud that it shook our apartment door. Imagine this happening at least 15 times a day until Arthur calls it quits for the work day. Solution: Put some rubber stoppers on those heavy steel doors or add a hinge that allows the doors to close slowly. Problem solved. 

#3 - The roaches. Want to know the extent of the problem? One night while we laid talking in bed a roach came running up from the foot of the bed directly at our faces. The roach was declaring war to take back its territory. Fuck.

#4 - The bums. My girlfriend went to take the trash out and came running back in the apartment because some guy smoking cigarettes approached her in the hallway OF OUR FUCKING BUILDING asking for some money. I went outside the apartment and told him to step. He replies in a threatening manner, "peace and respect, i dont want to rob or kill you, if you just give me some money." I told him whatever he wants to do and he's about to get fucked up. As we make our way into the lobby, guess who appears to my right? The building manager. She asks is there a problem? Of course there's a problem! There's a fucking bum in the lobby about to get stomped out. Open your eyes you nut. I'm still pissed about that day.

b) Another late night coming back from Pizza Hut we walked into our hallway and we saw two sets of eyes glaring out of the closet closest to our apartment door. I told my girl to run into the apartment and we got into the door and locked it. We both then looked out the peephole and saw a man and a woman coming out of the door picking up dropped drugs and their dropped pants. Okay so homeless drug addicts were looking for a place to get fucked. Cool. But not here. So after the hobo woman ran out of the hallway, the man soon followed. I saw this as my opportunity to strike. I picked up a baton and darted into the hallway after him. As he and I entered the lobby he turned to me and started to apologize. He explained that he was looking for somewhere to get with his woman and do a little heroin. He said he wouldnt use this building again. I felt bad for him and I told him I didn't care if he used this building again, just never set foot in that hallway. And we agreed like men that he could do whatever he wanted with his girl and his drugs anywhere in the building, but not around where I stay.

#5 - The flood.  Before we moved out a flood hit our bedroom area. It ruined part of the bed frame, our sneakers on the floor. Shit happens but it'd be nice to know where the water came from because it smelled like piss.

#6 - The walls. Tapping on the walls for a few months every morning bright and early. Great way to spend your day off with unexplainable hammering on your walls that your building manager can't help you with.

Other than that everything was fine. I'm sure some people have had decent experiences at the Hilltop House, but this is my story. Go around the corner and find a place equally priced with none of the same inconveniences.  The next apartment I stayed at on the same block around the corner was perfect.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mitchell & Ness Opening Night at Ubiq

This is my 100th post. And for it I asked my friend Ant to bring me photos from the Ubiq opening night party.  The new Ubiq store has tons of collegiate gear and snapbacks and a more trendy assortment than their flagship store. DJ Rich Medina and legend Prince Paul were on the one and twos. Oh all the rappers showed up late to perform..surprise right?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Philly Graff Videos

Bred is uploading a few videos on YouTube. Could be cool if this covers all areas and cliques. Interested in seeing more. Here's a sneak peek below.

WE ALL WE GOT Issue 5. - Peco is too high

"WE ALL WE GOT" The Return To Real Rap. Coming Soon.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mitchell and Ness - Store in Store Opening Tonight

Above Ubiq on Walnut St. Mitchell and Ness has opened a new flagship store with more college apparel than ..... I don't know.  But tonight they're celebrating their opening with a free party for anyone who wants to come through. But you have to respond via RSVP asap to  She told me to sign up, but I neglected to cause well I don't live around the way any more, but you can go and wild out. Details below. RSVP now!

Opening Party Invite – Just for you!

You’re invited to join local style-setters, and celebrity guests such as Freeway, Young Chris, King Brit, Dice Raw, members of The Roots and Peddi Peddi. Special guest DJs, Rich Medina and Prince Paul will keep the party’s pace throughout the night. This party is invite only & space is limited. RSVP to

WHERE: Mitchell & Ness, 2nd Floor at UBIQ

WHEN: Friday, January 21

Time: 7 PM – 11 PM

Mitchell & Ness “Shop-in-Shop”

2nd Floor at UBIQ

1509 Walnut Street – Philadelphia, PA 19103

Now Open!

For more information visit: or

WE ALL WE GOT Issue 4. - Never Fake A Move

Just another day in Castle County dumbing with the boys.

WE ALL WE GOT . The return to real rap coming soon.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


picked up the below Joe Budden Anyway the spoof flyer somebody made after seeing the video was the best. Thanks Bronx Ant for forwarding to me. By the way, go pick up Mood Muzik 4 it's official.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Joe Budden Live at Island Reef Bar and Grille - North Philly

The weekend started with a lot of money being tossed around blackjack tables in Atlantic City and ended with a quick tour through North to see who was up. And that person would be BAM WCS. While in the neighborhood I went up Ridge Ave to check out Joe Budden at the Island Reef Bar and Grille. I was surprised by the number of kids who made the trek deep into the heart of the hood to attend this show. I'd say at least 65-70% of the kids in the spot were from South/Central Jersey. I had the most annoying motherfuckers shouting behind me the whole time, I mean the absolute worst people ever. One of them got on stage and did the Joe Budden lyrics challenge. Of course he nailed it..nut. Anyway through mic problems, padded stages, speakers catching fire and all that..Joe rocked and came through. Video below.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The First Movement - The Grimez

The Grimez consisting of Hoxter and Vern Rock from New Castle, DE come correct with this 5 song EP. I love it, short and to the point. This is hip-hop. Listen up.

Free Download and listen below.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WE ALL WE GOT Issue 3. - Eric Wilt

I met Eric in the early/mid 90s when I came walking into the front doors of High School. He came up to me immediately because he recognized me from around and introduced himself. Eric went through a lot of phases, mohawk punk to party club drug dealer and eventually to a train hopper with an ill drug addiction. He was the nicest dude ever and would always strike up a convo and keep it real, but in the last 3 times I saw him things started getting odd. Forgive me, but I'm going to speak the truth.

#1 After being arrested for trafficking, Eric was in the Navy for 5 months? I remember him wearing Navy outfits around Newark for like a year straight.

#2 We met up on Main St. and he was with some younger kids. He started telling them about how long he's known me and that I was his man. I said yeah Eric you know I got you. He then struck up a convo about how he used to see me drunk. I don't drink. He then told me we were boys and he would put blood on it, he slashed his arm so deep he needed stitches to stop the bleeding.

#3 He told everybody he was being held hostage by a dealer and needed to give him money before something bad went down. So he took money out a friends shop to cover "his debt"

When he died a few friends came out to his rescue because no family came forward to pay the funeral home to claim his body. Even with all the dudes Eric know/knew we were all broke, nobody had any money to help out. It was a fucked up situation and I felt bad that I didn't have anything to give Kevin who was collecting cash.

I wish Eric was still around to straighten out his issues. I've watched drugs fuck up my family and close friend's lives. No need to ask me why I don't fuck with drugs. Rest In Power.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Very jazzy LP release from Delaware native Mike Jaggerr featuring a cut with Big K.R.I.T. called Cruise Control. Mike Jaggerr does all his own production, pretty amazing.

Listen and Free Download below.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

WE ALL WE GOT Issue 2. - Black Israelites in Philly

WE ALL WE GOT Coming Soon!

Photography of Lindsay Sparagana

Real life photography is something I love to look at. Rarely do you find people that manage to do it right invoking sensitivities whilst telling a story. Lindsay Sparagana is one of those who does it right. She has been from from the slums of Costa Rica to the uptown neighborhoods of Germantown Philadelphia to the food markets of Italy. All while documenting her travels. Check her work out.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Matthew Gallagher "The Rotten Ones" Photo Gallery

I met Matt for the first time about 10 years ago. He was young, wild and chubby. 10 years later he's done multiple galleries in his hometown of Philadelphia, released a book, gotten skinny and chubby again. If you missed any of these phases I suggest you don't miss another one and check my man's "Rotten Ones" gallery tomorrow night. First friday, first impressions. Matty is the shit. One.

Philip "Philly C" Contra starts in THE SLIT WRISTS LICKS!

Special shout to the officer that didn't mind if we kept filming because she has bigger things to do as a real cop than harass people filming a video. I've told my young boy to take care of you every time you come into the shop to get work done. We've seen you around. Thanks again!

Philip Contra debuts below. One!

Philly told me to tell you you can always screenshot the video if these photos don't work out for ya.