Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Now when I said video coming soon..

this probably wasn't what you had in mind. But let's have fun, bump this shit.

Epidemic with Respiration. He actually stars in this thing twice, once as the guy on the ground with the taser to his back and the other's pretty obvious

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Bullies in Blue

I woke up this morning in a rush to get my DJ equipment setup for a mid-day bbq/wedding reception that's supposed to pop off in less than an hour now. I'm expecting to see half of Germantown in my driveway ready to rock and have a little fun away from the hustle of Uptown. But in my crack of dawn daze I couldn't help but to recall the events I saw late last night while walking back down Main st. in Newark, DE.

3 Officers surround the alleged assailant while shouting, "You Liar! Shut Up!" Video to come soon.

A young local man was arrested after being accused of punching a University of Delaware student. I walked down the street and saw him and 3 friends run out of an alley while coming onto Main St. They were intercepted by 3 officers from Newark's street crimes unit (in case you're not familiar they wear these cool black shirts that give them unchecked power to harass, cuss in your face and ride around in unmarked minivans and cars..similar to Wilmington's jumpout squads). The officers shook two of the kids down, yelling in their faces calling them liars and they're going down..blah blah blah. You know the routine.

It took about 2 minutes of me asking some kids in the area what happened for me to find out that the two kids arrested had nothing to do with the UofDE student getting laid out. So why didn't the cops ask witnesses?

Here's the story, drunk college boy calls "townies" cocksuckers and arguing ensues. The collegiate who got aggressive gets hit once by a kid half his size and drops. He starts to get up and the same kid rocks him again, same results for the college boy. The cops pull up and the crowd of kids disperse, why?....because nobody trusts their judgement. Instead of asking independent groups of witnesses for accounts of what happened, the police instead turn to two drunk college girls who were with the guy that was knocked out and ask them to point out the assailant. They finger the wrong person, well duh. Then instead of asking the other kids who were with the accused the cops begin to walk up to the kids and start threatening them, "Get out of here before I bust your fucking head open" then walk away and laugh to their buddies about how they punked out kids half their size and a third their age. I guess if they took off their badges they would probably get knocked out too by those same little kids.

Two observations: The first is the lack of the investigative intelligence. Sure you can crack a graffiti crime or a burglary or whatever. But the NPD's abilities to piece together a puzzle on the spot is beyond poor. Most of the NPD's officers were born in the wrong era in the wrong country. I'd say the 1930s - 1940s in Germany is a more appropriate setting.

The second is you can't help but wonder how many kids in poorer environments experience this same type of shit every single day. Hopefully if our justice system works this kid last night will lawyer up, spank and embarrass those bullies in the courtroom, then get reimbursed for that insane display of idiocy on behalf of the NPD. With that said there are thousands of other kids who are not so fortunate to be able to lawyer up and defend themselves against false accusations. Who is our justice system setup to protect. Sad.

I personally know a couple of officers on the force that I've played on sports teams with, went to school with and even some that I've had some..well uh encounters with. These are good guys, guys who have families, recognize they have jobs and need to do them well. But then there's the other side of the force (and we all have these guys where we work) just plain dickheads. But you officers are public figures so we're going to publicly scrutinize you. Scott Simpson you're one of the good ones handling criminals and handling your job, if you're really here to protect and serve, just don't protect and serve your unit, protect and serve your city.

Markwizcalkani or whatever your fucking name is...get a life. If you're having problems getting hard, try Viagra.

Now watch them make up a charge on me for exposing their error last night. My ramble.