Sunday, June 29, 2008

Its almost that time again...

4th of July! Swimming pools, Cookouts, Horseshoes, Spades, Dominoes, Dancing, Fireworks, Shit talking, Loud Music, The Aunt who comes with a Styrofoam container and takes all she can before everybody else can serve their plates. Believe me we're gonna get it in.

That reminds me of this American Made toss that Agua did on the el tracks right off 95. Lemme see if I saved it somewhere.
Ahhh there it is. What about that Agua Short Stop jawn, yeah I should have it somewhere on here too.
See I told you. Agua's been getting it in for years. I woulda loved to see what he was fully capable of if legal troubles hadn't plagued his stats from the first inning to wherever we're at now. Dude's had alotta fans over the years, but anybody remember the team of copycats from D-Ware? Well I do, callout time.
Just click a picture and it gets bigger. Happy Independence Day, save some ribs for me.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reign Delay...*A Must Read

I could smell the wet asphalt before started raining. It was just that type of day. Every weather report called for storms. Every white cloud in the sky was slowly fading to black.

That was a misrepresentation of what was really happening. In our minds it was a beautiful day. Everything about our lives was slowly fading to white. It was one of the few times that I felt like every one of us was doing exactly what we wanted to do. We were all living a glamorous life. This was our glory day.

Obviously that wasn’t entirely true. Some people grow up with dreams of being an astronaut but one day they wake up and realize they couldn’t fly a kite in a windstorm. There are the talkers and the doers. Talkers tend have a mouthful of want and a handful of give me. This was the day I decided to be a doer.

We knew there was a rainstorm coming so we did what you do when it rains. We closed our car windows and made sure our sump pumps were working. The three of us operated in perfect time with one another. We lived our lives in key and in 4/4 time. When I got to my car I decided not to roll up the windows. I also decided not to go back inside. I started driving aimlessly, which was admittedly not what you normally do in the event of an oncoming storm. But I thought “fuck it, if I’m going to be a doer I’m not going to sit around on wasted talent.”

After driving for what felt like hours, I started to understand what people mean when they say that our roadsides have lost color. We live in a black and white pastel painting. Random color splashes the grey haze. After passing one of those few color splashes, another thought crossed my mind. I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few people who has ever thanked God for perverts, Pablo Escobar, and fallen heroes.

I kept driving until I didn’t care about the storm anymore. Then I realized it wasn’t storming.

It never started raining. But we kept living like it was going to. We kept preparing for it and it never came. It never does.

The cycle goes on and on and on and on.

And it never stops reigning.

~ THE William Wallace

Monday, June 16, 2008

**New Video**

Pervert FH. More videos to come!

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Possible Glamorous Life video coming soon.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lil Wayne A Milli Remixes

It seems like everybody has come out with a remix over the Lil Wayne A Milli beat. From Jay-Z, to Papoose, to Lil-Mama, to Cyssero, to Cory-Gunz to I don't even know who! The three below are my three favorite. Probably a little biased, but go look up the others if you want. Oh and by the way J-A-D-A kills it.

Jadakiss - A Millie

Cassidy - A Millie

Gillie Da Kid, Bump J, Meek Millz & Peedi - A Millie Official Video

Monday, June 2, 2008


Be on the lookout for this relatively young company coming out of Philadelphia Pistolvania. These wall writers turned entrepreneurs bring to you clean designs and authenticity in everything they do. Local Legends Threads is a vision of Dave Bontempo, founder and man in charge. LLT is a vision of uniting a culture in which we can be different, embrace change and find yourself without sacrificing your individuality. LLT was formed in 2005 in a dirty dorm room, with many friends helping along the way. To welcome the launch of their new line, Local Legends is throwing a writers bring your blackbooks...ladies bring those titties and party people be ready to party. Cause it's going down.

Check out their myspace here for more gear and kicks :