Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Best of Delaware Rap Pt.5 of ?

1. Antbadant - At the Bar
2. Sharpshooterz ft. Chuck 50 - 50 Shooterz from Live from Baghdad
3. Splitfaces - Redemption
4. the 49ers - The Belts from Equilibrium
5. Live ft. Prolifik - Kiss the Stars courtesy of FirstFaction
6. Thurro (D Harv) - They Keep Asking
7. Diggs -  Rollin
8. Bunk - Love and Happiness
9. Iamisee - Timeless prod. by Gary GNU
10. Mischievous LQ and the Mad Mischief Men - Representing from Mischief Night [1996] 

It's like 2 in the morning ayyeeeee.

That's all.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Best of Delaware Rap Pt.4 of ?

1. Sons of Sam - Bad Man (The Unbirth EP 1993)
2. 3rd Dynasty - It's Curtains (Project X 1990)
3. MC Iziah - Riverside Bucket (Project X 1990)
4. Disco Beave ft. B Get Busy - From the Projects (Zim Zam 1988)
5. Intellectuals of Rhyme - Seconds of a Dope Rhyme (Project X 1990)
6. Sons of Sam - Do My Thang (The Unbirth EP 1993)
7. Doc D & Cut Wiz - Hitten Harder than King Kong (1989)
8. Fred Gee & DJ F-3 - Keep on Dancin' (Project X 1990)
9. 3rd Dynasty - I Keep Sailing On (Project X 1990)
10. Twin "B" - Grim Reaper (1987)

If you actually listen thru these tracks you'll find the release date doesn't always sound like when the beat and the rhymes were written. Delaware has always had a scene full of nationally and globally recognized artists. It's funny when you do some research and see how people world wide fiend for this classic vinyl. Classic vinyl right out of here in Delaware. Cats now performing on Facebook for their friends and on YouTube videos, claiming they're the King of this or that....come the fuck on. These brothers were putting it down straight out the gutter of Wilmington into kids homes in Denmark. I ramble too much... just do some research and you can find any of these tracks for free or download my podcast. Peace.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Best of Delaware Rap Pt. 3 of ?

1. Bunk - 1000 Burners from upcoming EP "We All We Got"
2. Keziah ft. Rock [Heltah Skeltah] - We got a winner here from Keziah EP
3. Rich Raw - Go Hard from Against All Odds
4. Joey Moon - What I Say, check the video here
5. Kae Hock ft. Brent Best & Just  - Ubuntu from .5 The Album
6. Radimez ft. Sadat X & Los - Think About It from ReverbNation
7. @One - Famous Heinous prod by Gary GNU
8. Joey Juggaknots ft. Hoxter - Brainwashed from upcoming album Via Flux
9. SC Tha Streets Child - Seein Tha Big Picture from More Street Cred
10. B.Lamb - PB Dragon

I've decided to do a couple more of these, so basically totaling 5. The next one is going to be one of the most important in my mind and the most crucial. But for now get it in with this 3rd podcast. I'm going ham.

The Best of Delaware Rap Pt. 2 of ?

1. Juice - Body Bag Niggas
2. Walt Fraze - Blue N' Cream from Diamund Life Mixtape
3. Sharpshooterz - Soon You'll Understand from Live from Baghdad
4. Plexoid - Each One Teach One courtesy of Via Flux the Album
5. Jube Nu Born Native (Serafino) - Born Naked Die Naked 1996 courtesy of DukesVidVault
6. The Outfit - Rise & Shine 1997 from The Outfit EP
7. Marvelous E - Essence of Me courtesy of the FirstFaction
8. Philly Contra - American Mutts
9. Phil Nash - Just Feel Me from JayPhilla
10. Mike Jaggerr ft. Big K.R.I.T. - Cruise Control from the 11th Hour

Some people probably are like what the fuck is up with the gunshots? Well I'm not Kay Slay, I put those in there so if you like a track you'll want to go get it...minus the gunshots. Local support local, peace.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best of Delaware Rap Pt. 1 of ?

1. Mike Jaggerr - Drugs from the 11th Hour
2. Joey Moon - There's No Use check his Facebook
3. Keziah ft. Ishe - So Far So Close produced by Oddisee from the Keziah E.P.
4. Vern Rock & Hoxter (The Grimez) - Grimez from The First Movement: The Grimez
5. Walt Fraze - Clouds from the Dirty Diamund Mixtape
6. Kae Hock - I Want The World check out his music here
7. Epidemic - Ice Cold
8. Joey Juggaknots - Encore courtesy of Via Flux
9. Red Silence ft. DJ Rob Swift of the Executioners - Hook Man produced by Gary GNU Scream Machines
10. Radimez - Thrown By The Wind watch here

I'm only going to do 10 songs per release because my computer is not a super computer and I'm not buying extra memory just to do this. Special shout out to Philly C for flooding my inbox tonight, lil' Chip for needing something to listen to, the Dirty Middle Class for keeping it interesting & anybody out there who knows how to keep their ego under control. Part 2 coming soon. Peace.