Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Punk, Hardcore and Oi! have strong roots in Delaware with the scene exploding with talent known worldwide. Recently I was put onto a new band called Lifeless. This band isn't exactly a Delaware Hardcore band, but semi-qualifies with front man Jeremy taking vocal duty. The band officially formed in 2008 in New Jersey with Kyle and Jay on Guitar, Michael on Drums and Ryan on bass. Before joining Lifeless this past year, Jeremy assumed vocal duties for now defunct Delaware band Dead and Buried. When I heard the band for the first time, I thought, "Damn he sounds mad at something.." and I was right! They are mad. Mad about Hardcore.

First impressions. They are hard, loud and chug. I would put them in the same vein as Merauder, Sworn Enemy, maybe even a Cold As Life CTYC.

Album stream coming soon.

They currently are on records, which is the same record label that puts out new music from Delaware band DoubleDealer. I reviewed 10 tracks from Lifeless and found each one to be more aggressive than the next. Their songs command a certain level of energy from the crowd which I anticipate as they become more listened to they will receive. I'm cosigning this band and you should make it out to their next show. Need to find out when it is, check their Facebook or PA Hardcore for more information.

Oh and they like tattooing their faces.