Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bombing Iraq?

Old men make wars for young men to die in them.

I really don't care how you feel about the war. I'm educated enough to know the basis for wars and the history behind wars in the world. If you think wars in the world will just cease one day, then you're an idiot. The people over there fighting are good friends I grew up with, some I know from school and people just like me. These individuals are trying to make money to better their lives or pursuing their passion in the US Military. Some soldiers are cops who are either in the Reserves or the Guard, and yet others are robbers who love to squeeze pistols. And the funny thing is they love each other when they are in the same unit fighting side by side, and they love each other when they are back home doing what they do best. Either way this is life. When I look at pictures like the ones below, it shows me that these are real people, none perfect, but nobody is, Bombing Iraq....

All stolen.

I wonder when they're coming home.


TheSpiritMolecule said...

If bombing Basra, Baghdad, Tikrit, and the Sunni Triangle isn't spreading the purist form of democracy, I don't know what is...

A little piece of home from the only cats that understand the beauty of mayhem.

support the troops...send them cases of Montana tobacco browns and Rusto harbor blues.

Anonymous said...

..."spreading the purist form of democracy"... it seems that I lost the proportion of how stupid can people be. War is a great biz for the states, and 11/9 was another Pearl Harbor, when Uncle Sam played dumb. Evry day is 11/9 in Irak and surroundings, since the USA decided that it was its "God-given-mission" to "spread democracy".

And I hope USA understands now "the beauty of mayhem" after that date.