Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Chester Walls are GBNF

I promised myself I would never get caught in these corny ass public space debates when it comes to graffiti and I still won't. But the Chester walls were different in that they broke up your drive. They always made you turn your head and look for something new. They were fun (or stressful) to talk about who was up or who got went over. That little stretch provided inspiration to a whole breed of new writers and burned images into the most impressionable of minds. I can see cleaning up those bridges to the north of the walls because they were getting junkier than a Kensington El dweller, but the walls? Nah. That was below the belt. 

Thanks to one of my oldies for breaking me off with some of the earlier flics before he had to leave the country. He was one of my inspirations for not just taking photos, but purposely documenting. I thought of him today and was sure he would like to see these again. I wonder what school program they had to kill for the cost of cleaning that wall for no reason at all. 

Agua BDR block letters (Free Agua)

Cronic (RX) one of the 1st on the walls , Agent hand gone over by Past from Brooklyn

Drama NEP  one of the 1st tosses on the wall

Heart over Capital first and most bold roller at the wall yet. Orig. from Delaware

The most memorable blowup on the walls by far. King KMACK.

Tone IYA

Hase OAL, Peka ESC

The first out of towner visitors to the walls, Goal, Past and Vyels 5MH from NYC.

Vyels MIA from NYC

Vyels, Goal, and Scan 53 from Virginia. Little Zem slam in the cut.

Early Agua wickett. Take a look at the "G" closely.

Caem KMD

Enoe AKA i2i in home territory. Where's DMYZ? He was there too.

I remember the night they did those, that shit popped. Cread MSP and Speed IAO. Caem toss.

Nise NSF, Caemske KMD...phew

Sobad ICP one of the 1st on the wall. Colors and all. 1995. King Status!!!

As much as I hate seeing history disappear, I love seeing new cats with style crush. I can't wait to see what's on deck. Bring that old feeling back.


p & p properties said...

good shit. good call on the heart over.

Anonymous said...

ima miss the first wall with the old yellow and black agske and white and blue hothead

Simon Adebisi said...

Man, the day me & the Jack Bronco took those pics was nuts. Lil' fuckers were going home from school & throwing rocks at us from the bridge. I hate/love Chester.

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