Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Glasgow High School 1989-92

Glasgow High School more commonly referred to as G,G,G,G-High by it's students is located in Newark, DE. Students from the East Side, Glasgow, Brookside and Bear can be seen roaming the hallways during class times and smoking in the back parking lot. The following photos I stole from my sister during her time at Glasgow fighting at the dances and hanging with her homegirls. I love photographs like the ones below because they don't attempt to capture the moment, they live in the moment. Hope she doesn't get mad at me for sharing.

I have younger friends who also graduated from G-High in 2009, these photos are a 20 year span for them. Funny thing is, some of them recycle fashion ideas from the pictures below. 20 years go by and little changes. This is for G-High, the place that switches up the nicest of kids. Get in line or get lined up. Peace.

Everybodys rocking cardigans again. 

Grouchy Greg founder of AllHipHop.Com C/O 1992

Rest In Peace Kenya Frazier (Pictured on the right)

Sarcastic posing.

Starter #1

Starter #2

Style Masters.

Good music.


Modern day cellphones.

Jordan O.G.s

Dookie ropes.

H.O.P.E. commission leader for Wilmington, DE and star player for G-High.

Undacrwn *cough, cough*

3rd Bass.


Anonymous said...

Everything still looks the same

Anonymous said...

G-G-G-G-High. Glasgoooow In Effect!

Anonymous said...

LMAO, still seems like yesterday. Those were the days.