Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WE ALL WE GOT Issue 3. - Eric Wilt

I met Eric in the early/mid 90s when I came walking into the front doors of High School. He came up to me immediately because he recognized me from around and introduced himself. Eric went through a lot of phases, mohawk punk to party club drug dealer and eventually to a train hopper with an ill drug addiction. He was the nicest dude ever and would always strike up a convo and keep it real, but in the last 3 times I saw him things started getting odd. Forgive me, but I'm going to speak the truth.

#1 After being arrested for trafficking, Eric was in the Navy for 5 months? I remember him wearing Navy outfits around Newark for like a year straight.

#2 We met up on Main St. and he was with some younger kids. He started telling them about how long he's known me and that I was his man. I said yeah Eric you know I got you. He then struck up a convo about how he used to see me drunk. I don't drink. He then told me we were boys and he would put blood on it, he slashed his arm so deep he needed stitches to stop the bleeding.

#3 He told everybody he was being held hostage by a dealer and needed to give him money before something bad went down. So he took money out a friends shop to cover "his debt"

When he died a few friends came out to his rescue because no family came forward to pay the funeral home to claim his body. Even with all the dudes Eric know/knew we were all broke, nobody had any money to help out. It was a fucked up situation and I felt bad that I didn't have anything to give Kevin who was collecting cash.

I wish Eric was still around to straighten out his issues. I've watched drugs fuck up my family and close friend's lives. No need to ask me why I don't fuck with drugs. Rest In Power.

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