Monday, February 7, 2011

The Best of Delaware Rap Pt.4 of ?

1. Sons of Sam - Bad Man (The Unbirth EP 1993)
2. 3rd Dynasty - It's Curtains (Project X 1990)
3. MC Iziah - Riverside Bucket (Project X 1990)
4. Disco Beave ft. B Get Busy - From the Projects (Zim Zam 1988)
5. Intellectuals of Rhyme - Seconds of a Dope Rhyme (Project X 1990)
6. Sons of Sam - Do My Thang (The Unbirth EP 1993)
7. Doc D & Cut Wiz - Hitten Harder than King Kong (1989)
8. Fred Gee & DJ F-3 - Keep on Dancin' (Project X 1990)
9. 3rd Dynasty - I Keep Sailing On (Project X 1990)
10. Twin "B" - Grim Reaper (1987)

If you actually listen thru these tracks you'll find the release date doesn't always sound like when the beat and the rhymes were written. Delaware has always had a scene full of nationally and globally recognized artists. It's funny when you do some research and see how people world wide fiend for this classic vinyl. Classic vinyl right out of here in Delaware. Cats now performing on Facebook for their friends and on YouTube videos, claiming they're the King of this or that....come the fuck on. These brothers were putting it down straight out the gutter of Wilmington into kids homes in Denmark. I ramble too much... just do some research and you can find any of these tracks for free or download my podcast. Peace.

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