Friday, November 23, 2007

The Life Expectancy of a Tagger

is very short from what I hear. One good run for two years will get you by. Better yet if you write for one year, go hard and make a post on the internet of all your stuff, you'll be up 10x harder. But honestly when you consider "Life Expectancy" you have to consider all the factors that go into it, like high blood pressure, working conditions, maybe diseases that run in your family. So in this case, we'll look at family pressure, school/work pressure, age and the ever popular raid on your belongings! So as writers cycle in and cycle out. How do we know whos who and whats what anymore. Some writers like to drop reminders here and there that their 15 minutes of fame isnt up, others like to tell stories about their's. I prefer the ones who do the first of the two. But who am I to pull cards. I can't say short lived, because the life expectancy varies on these two.

mean w jahe dumpster mugging wilm, de. 2006

I wish Big Punisher was still alive so Fat Joe didn't suck so bad. This was taken off of myspace, not the original beat, but whoever did the beat absolutely held it down. Pay attention if you want do a remix, do it proper.
"...until I'm locked or shot down, Heather B couldn't make me put my glock down"

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pantshitter1 said...

I cycled out a couple years back now im gonna cycle back in for good, I dont want to be another statistic. WORD LIFE SON THE NAME LIVES ON HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!