Monday, November 26, 2007

Style Master Series: Part 1 of 2

I dont know what I'm doing up so late. But I've been thinking. Thinking about what makes a good writer a good artist, because sometimes they're few and far between. Here in NorDel we have a few and two come to mind right away. Easy and Pervert. I wonder how anybody could be as good and consistently as innovative as them. So I decided I need to get inside their minds. Whats a better way to find out what's on their brain other than their love and hates. So this is not the traditional, whats your name, whats your crew...But it serves just as well. Heres the Style Master Series... first of uhh, I really dont know. Enjoy - The Glamorous Lifer.

Part 1 of 2 Easy B2B

What do you love?

I love writing alone. I love good color schemes. I think they’re almost equally as important to a piece as the letter structure. I love trains, I think about them 24/7. Everything about them, from color schemes, to types of cars, to benching, just everything about them. I honestly think I’d be completely bored with graffiti aside from freights.
Regina Spektor I love her! All kinds of art, it can be interpreted into inspiration for my writing, pop art especially. I flip through art history books and websites all the time. Eating sushi makes you a better graffiti writer, I think all the kids need to know that.

What do you hate?

I hate alot of the things I love. I question why I do things all the time, especially graffiti.
Sometimes I think it’s completely stupid that I get so excited about freight trains and writing my name on them, but I convince myself that it doesn’t matter because it’s what I like. I hate TV. You won’t catch me watching it. I just don’t like it. Anytime I sit down to watch TV I feel like I’ve completely wasted my time, so I stopped. Plus being homeless for a while and not having one got me used to not watching it so now I just don’t. I’m pretty content being back to not having a cellphone. I think some people try to ride coat tails and some get more credit than they deserve for the little amount of work they do and to me that’s corny. I don’t really agree with it, I wouldn’t say I’m mad at them for it. I just feel like a lot of kids who "write" around here aren’t really "writers" if that makes any sense. I don’t think it should be a surprise hearing someone painted something new, its not a once-a-month deal if your into it. I don’t know if it’s a lack of motivation in kids around here or what. Maybe its just a lack of kids actually down for writing. It’s just not something i see much around here. That’s how me and Myne got hooked up. He was just down for writing plus driving around seeing bad graffiti is annoying to me. I hate all those stupid fancy caps that kids think they need to do good graffiti. I love NY thins, you don’t need anything else. Oh and I hate the bar. Doesn’t matter how many trains you do it still sucks.

Easy Rocking out.

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