Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Favorite Local Writers of the Moment List

Man is this going to be controversial, but one of the writers with the most style in Delaware is BANG easily. I started noticing this kid a few years ago and watched him develop all the whist being overshadowed by his more controversial partner Scum. His style has taken off and is starting to develop into it's own. He's shown dedication and progression more than most current writers and continues to develop. I'm going to get shit for this post I know, but trust me...I know. Bang welcome to my favorite local writers of the moment list, don't fuck this up.

Richmond, VA. I-95

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Anonymous said...

i can dig it. he finally came out the shadow of skum, and started doin his own thing thats commendable. and he definately got one of the better styles around right now...not sayin theres alot.