Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best of Delaware Rap Pt. 1 of ?

1. Mike Jaggerr - Drugs from the 11th Hour
2. Joey Moon - There's No Use check his Facebook
3. Keziah ft. Ishe - So Far So Close produced by Oddisee from the Keziah E.P.
4. Vern Rock & Hoxter (The Grimez) - Grimez from The First Movement: The Grimez
5. Walt Fraze - Clouds from the Dirty Diamund Mixtape
6. Kae Hock - I Want The World check out his music here
7. Epidemic - Ice Cold
8. Joey Juggaknots - Encore courtesy of Via Flux
9. Red Silence ft. DJ Rob Swift of the Executioners - Hook Man produced by Gary GNU Scream Machines
10. Radimez - Thrown By The Wind watch here

I'm only going to do 10 songs per release because my computer is not a super computer and I'm not buying extra memory just to do this. Special shout out to Philly C for flooding my inbox tonight, lil' Chip for needing something to listen to, the Dirty Middle Class for keeping it interesting & anybody out there who knows how to keep their ego under control. Part 2 coming soon. Peace.

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