Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Best of Delaware Rap Pt. 2 of ?

1. Juice - Body Bag Niggas
2. Walt Fraze - Blue N' Cream from Diamund Life Mixtape
3. Sharpshooterz - Soon You'll Understand from Live from Baghdad
4. Plexoid - Each One Teach One courtesy of Via Flux the Album
5. Jube Nu Born Native (Serafino) - Born Naked Die Naked 1996 courtesy of DukesVidVault
6. The Outfit - Rise & Shine 1997 from The Outfit EP
7. Marvelous E - Essence of Me courtesy of the FirstFaction
8. Philly Contra - American Mutts
9. Phil Nash - Just Feel Me from JayPhilla
10. Mike Jaggerr ft. Big K.R.I.T. - Cruise Control from the 11th Hour

Some people probably are like what the fuck is up with the gunshots? Well I'm not Kay Slay, I put those in there so if you like a track you'll want to go get it...minus the gunshots. Local support local, peace.

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